The Power of a Seed Filled with Gratitude

It’s the season of Thanksgiving. Yes, we should be thankful everyday right? However, it can be challenging figuring out ways to show gratitude towards our clients. Especially while trying to attract their attention as they’re getting bombarded with a ton of messages from others. To help you show appreciation to your clients, I’ve listed out 10 ways for you to consider showing thanks this season:

#1: Send a piece of Direct Mail:
Oh, how I just love receiving a small piece of direct mail that’s intentional. When a client receives a short note with their name on it, you’ve created an inclusive atmosphere and they feel like they’re a part of your team.

#2: Leave a review on the Google My Business Page:
You don’t have to be a client to leave a review on Google. You can be a business partner or a friend. When a client receives an excellent review, they feel supported and it will be seen by their network and employees forever.

#3: Give them a call of appreciation:
This can be a bit out of your comfort zone, but little things can create a big impact. People remember the things you say to them, especially the good things. At the appropriate time, give your clients a phone call and say thanks.

#4: Support their next event:
Visibility is a key to having success with any client relationship. When clients can see you often, it builds credibility and trust early on. Show up for your clients, and they will remember that you supported them.

#5: Purchase/Use Their Products or Services:
The golden rule, do unto others as they would do unto you. Your clients invest in you. It would be wise to invest in them in return.

#6: Send them a thoughtful gift basket:
This is one of my favorite ways of showing appreciation. Receiving a gift in the mail makes the client feel special and appreciated. It shows that you care. Gifts are a way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

#7: Create a social media post about their services:
A good reputation, along with good recognition, can go a long way for any business. When clients see you support them enough to give them recognition, it shows that you honor the relationship and their services are credible enough to share publicly.

#8: Lighten Their Load:
Every business has a ton of challenges they need help with daily. Perhaps your client needs more volunteers for an upcoming major event! Checking in with clients to see how you can serve them will show clients you care about the success of their business.

#9: Send a Handwritten Note:
This is one of my favorites. One of my colleagues who sells healthy handcrafted desserts sent me a handwritten thank you note. It was when I needed it the most. You can be a source of inspiration to your client unexpectedly.

#10: Send a Personal Team Thank You Video:
In the past, I worked with a great company named Grifols, and I remember seeing  a team video that was created for all the donors to feel special. It was a sing along saying “We Miss You”. Let your clients know you’re looking forward to serving them and continuing to grow together.

As a final note, here’s my seed of gratitude: I appreciate you for taking the time to read this message. I hope it encourages you as a leader in business to show gratitude to your clients and make a positive impact within all of your future client relationships.