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Our team of 25+ experienced digital marketing professionals provides customized strategies to help your business reach its goals and thrive. We strive to develop innovative solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs, enabling you to maximize your return on investment. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from website design and search engine optimization (SEO) to content marketing, social media management, and more. We provide ongoing support, ensuring that your campaigns remain effective and up-to-date. With our customized approach to digital marketing, you can trust that we’ll help your business succeed.

What Makes Our Company Unique

Born to thrive with the business leaders of the 21st century, founder Dre Richmond was just a kid from a small town and would one day lead a Global Digital Marketing Agency with a team of 25+ people based in Fuquay-Varina that propelled businesses forward.

Dre was raised by his grandmother in a low-income community in Sanford, NC. Throughout his educational career, he gained much inspiration in business classes, and there lived an entrepreneurial spirit deep inside Dre to one day build a business and leave a legacy for his family.

Dre attended Saint Augustine’s University, where he studied business administration and worked part-time jobs (Best Buy, G4S, Xerox), and he would spend most of his hours reading business and self-development books past midnight. These were the impeccable moments Dre developed his passion for business and began to discover his purpose.

After college, Dre came across an article that revealed how the Digital Marketing Industry would be the catalyst to help businesses thrive in the next 20 years. After earning a Digital Marketing Master’s Degree from Concordia College NY, Dre applied and interviewed for over 100+ job opportunities, and he faced a ton of rejection pursuing a career in the Digital Marketing Industry. 


Despite the opposition, in 2018, Dre ran into a church that needed a new website. Dre created his first website for the church, and this opportunity inspired Dre to create his first business, named Digital Endure, while job seeking.

As Dre continued to seek a Marketing career, Healthgrades, a health-based Marketing Agency, provided Dre with the greatest internship of his life. In a three-month period, Dre was well equipped with Digital Marketing Certifications and abilities needed to pursue any job in the Digital Marketing Industry. In less than a year, by God’s grace, Dre went from having no job offer to looking at several digital marketing offers on his desk.

Dre accepted his first highest-paid job offer and continued to grow his small business on the side. During the 3rd year of his career, Dre was running digital ads across the U.S. for a Global Healthcare company and managing multi-million dollar advertising budgets annually. Dre thought he was living his dream with his wife and 3 children, but little did he know having access to luxury hotels and the best 5 star restaurants isn’t what fulfilled him.

This was the lifestyle Dre always imagined. However, he found out it was not the lifestyle he truly desired. He gained much more weight, spent less time with family, and had challenging times adapting to new company cultures and systems that did not fit his identity. The truth is, Dre was not fulfilling his true purpose for God.

In 2021, at age 26, Dre Richmond was led to step out on faith and give his full time, effort, and energy to the Digital Marketing Agency to serve businesses in the area of consumer and employee growth and develop sustainable communities. This significant moment produced the birth of DBA MARKETING PROS.

We’re Experienced, Highly-Qualified, and Incredibly Passionate

DBA MARKETING PROS is a dedicated digital marketing agency with a team of 25+ people that works to propel businesses forward and help them build a stronger digital presence.

Our digital marketing services specifically aim to uplift businesses within construction trades and other niche industries, hoping they can improve their client onboarding and retention services and overall online presence.

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With a unique grasp of the digital marketing industry, and the construction trades sector, we’ve managed to specialize our services to help clients working as electricians, painters, remodelers, contractors, and more.

We will design the most effective strategy to onboard and attract new clients to your company and allow you to grow your business steadily.

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A Message From Our Leader

Dre Richmond

We’re Focused on Results and Real Outcomes

We work on results-driven services, tailoring solutions based on each customer’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with strategies that reflect your requirements as a business and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Digital Marketing Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we’ve created a model that allows us to give you specific, unique digital marketing solutions.

We understand your brand and company values

What sets us apart in the market is that we take time to understand your company, its unique requirements, and needs.

We leverage your unique selling points in your strategy

We help you stand out, too, by leveraging the services, products, features, and qualities that set you apart from your competitors.

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