Make Some Noise During The Holidays Using Direct Mail

Since I was a child, l always enjoyed receiving a piece of direct mail. Especially when it involved coupons, discounts and a special gift. Even the little notes from neighbors are memorable and remembered for a lifetime. The feeling of receiving something with your name on it, is amazing. You get to soak in that moment, knowing “YOU MATTER.” Till this day when I receive a piece of direct mail, I still get that excitement.

Direct Mail is a significant way to retain your client’s attention during the holidays. According to SmallBizGenius, over 40% of recipients open their piece of Direct Mail. That’s a high percentage rate compared to other marketing strategies.

Well, what if they throw it away, does the percentage rate still matter? Yes! If you’ve worked with the client, they become more familiar with your brand and you’ve still added value to the relationship. You keep the personal touch and earn “brownie points” to keep the relationship moving forward. Plus, you give the client a tangible experience because they will see your branding and logo and fell it in their hands.

The average American Household receives around 2 pieces of mail per day. On average, our family receives about 3-4 pieces of mail. Today, I find most companies have transition to digital methods and we all know digital tends to get a bit crowded after a while. It’s possible to get seen, heard and known when the marketplace seems crowded. Sometime that means doing the things others will not do. Taking the step to send a piece of direct mail will help your brand stand out from others. Especially, when everyone else is sticking to online strategies.

So, where do I start?

You can start by sending the client a small note. Share how grateful you are for the experience of working with them this year and how you look forward to obtaining even more accomplishments next year. People don’t usually throw away their cards HAHA! So, it will be a good way for your brand to stay top of mind that month.

Reflect on this: How does it make you feel when you receive a piece of direct mail? Think about the experiences you’ve had and emotions you’ve felt in your heart and how long it lasted. Direct Mail is a way to change, transform, and develop any client relationship.

This past quarter, I received a dollar from a company that wanted me to do a survey. I didn’t do it, and guess what, they sent me another dollar to do it. I was amazed, they really wanted their survey completed. Still, I didn’t do the survey and finally I was led to share it with my wife to complete the survey. One dollar, made a difference and their efforts made me want to complete their survey.

So, make some noise during the holiday season by sending a piece of Direct Mail! Your clients will love it!