Construction Marketing Ideas: Practical Strategies for 2022

As digital marketing strategies becomes the cornerstone of business advertising, business owners can get overwhelmed by the thoughts of building an online presence. Nevertheless, digital advertising is a worthy investment for any company aiming to succeed in the modern age as the online retail sphere expands. Whether you’re hoping to develop a new marketing campaign or restore a stagnant one, our team of experts at DBA Marketing Pros can assist you with your goals. With extensive experience in digital marketing, we’ve learned what it takes to elevate your business above and beyond the competition. Here’s our list of the best construction business marketing ideas to gain leads, earn you a positive reputation, and propel you toward profitability.

Drive Website Traffic With SEO

Search engines like Google process trillions of searches annually. Online retail has skyrocketed in recent years and has become a vital component of the average customer’s shopping experience. It can be challenging to stand out against the thousands of other businesses selling services similar to yours without quality digital marketing. General contractor ads pop up everywhere online. If you haven’t developed a proper digital marketing strategy, chances are competitors’ ads will appear instead of yours. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital tool that ranks your business’ ads on a Google search. When potential or existing customers search for services like yours, SEO allows you to appear in the results, garnering your company more attention and driving traffic to your website. The basis of SEO is quality keyword selection. This practice requires a bit of research about your industry and the most relevant search terms customers use when looking for services related to your business. DBA Marketing Pros can help you conduct the research needed to find all the appropriate keywords for your digital marketing campaign. We specialize in local SEO and can assist you in creating an advertising plan that will drive website traffic and rank you higher on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

Get Eyes on Your Services With PPC

Similar to SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) utilizes relevant keywords to increase your websites ranking instantly on search engines, which can save you money on cost-per-click (CPC). Advertisers place a bid for their ad’s rank on a search engine results page. They then set the maximum bid, the amount they’re willing to pay every time a potential customer clicks their ad. The maximum bid, combined with the company’s quality score, will determine the ad’s placement on the results page. Generally speaking, the quality score is more valuable than a higher bid, as Google shows browsing customers the most relevant items. These days, PPC is a valuable investment in digital marketing. Compared to other construction business marketing ideas, PPC is the most effective for helping companies earn new leads and drive website traffic simultaneously to their business.

Grab Your Google My Business Page

When users search for services or products, search engines like Google often compile a list of related companies in the user’s local area. If your business shows up on this page, this is called your Google My Business Page listing. To attract more customers to your business, you must claim this listing and fill out all the necessary information, including contact details, your address, website links, and relevant photos. When potential customers can find all your business information on the listing, they’re more likely to visit your website, drive up website traffic and showing search engines like Google that you’re a reputable business. Claiming a business listing is an excellent way to market contractors and their services. Filling out your listing information will make your company readily available, and customers will have an easier time finding you. In the age of the internet, convenience is key.

Revamp Your Website

Your website is the face of your business. Often, it’s the initial glimpse customers have of your company, there’s nothing like the first impression. In an era of nonstop ads, social media, and a general decrease in the public’s attention span, that first impression is critical. Website remodeling is one of the most accessible construction business marketing ideas to perform. With the best website design services available through DBA Marketing Pros, it’s simpler than ever to modernize an outdated website and create a stunning virtual haven for your new and returning customers. When revamping your website, you can choose colors, themes, and an easy-to-navigate layout that aligns with your brand’s identity. You can make the most of this opportunity to articulate your company’s values through design and create an overall appearance that customers can recognize in future engagements with your business.

Connect to Customers Through Social Media Marketing

Of all the construction business marketing ideas, utilizing social media is among the most popular — and for a good reason. Millions of potential customers browse social media platforms every day. Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin platforms in your digital marketing strategy is a brilliant way to connect with your audience and speak directly to customers. To begin, you’ll want to choose the social media platforms most used by your target audience. When you enlist in the social media marketing services of DBA Marketing Pros, we can help you conduct this research and determine which platforms are best for your business. Then, you can start creating and posting engaging content about your company and the services you provide. Likewise, you can opt-in to run paid social media ads to get the word out about your brand. To learn more about how social media and other forms of digital marketing can help boost your business, check out this Digital Marketing Guide.

Showcase Your Knowledge Through Blogging

Another fantastic way to increase your business’ visibility is through blogging. Not only will publishing regular blog posts make your links more likely to appear on a search engine results page, but it’s also an opportunity to establish authority for your company for a lifetime. Flex your industry knowledge by crafting informative blog posts about relevant topics that your target audience wants to hear about. They ask, you answer. You should always be writing a blog about questions related to the way your consumers think and behave. There will be a million more consumers asking the same question and searching for a business to provide a solution when they search online. You can use SEO keyword selection to include terms that will increase your blog’s relevancy and potential visibility on any search engine. In this case, your business will always pop up when your consumers are looking for anything relevant to your business and services.

Choose the Best Marketing for Contractors

At DBA Marketing Pros, we have helped many businesses maximize a variety of construction business marketing ideas to establish reputable brands and optimize their online presence to rank on the first page of Google. Contact us today to jump to the top of Google, Yahoo, or Bing by visiting our contact form or calling us at 919-410-7416.