Online Expansion: How Wayne Bryant Heating & Cooling Got $10,000 in 2 Months with SEO

For Wayne Bryant Heating & Cooling, it was time to expand. They wanted to reach a bigger audience and increase their client base—so they turned to online digital marketing strategies. With the help of monthly SEO services, they achieved their goal of getting $10,000 worth of clientele in just two months.

The team at Wayne Bryant Heating & Cooling had been wanting to increase their online presence for a while, but weren’t sure how to go about it. They decided to explore the possibilities with SEO and found that this was an excellent choice for growing their business. With monthly SEO services, they were able to increase their visibility and reach a broader customer base.

The results were immediate. The team quickly saw an influx of calls from Google My Business—42 calls total—and hundreds of leads coming in through lead forms. In just two months, Wayne Bryant Heating & Cooling had achieved their goal of getting $10,000 worth of clientele.

The team was thrilled with the results and have since begun utilizing SEO services on a monthly basis. With their increased online presence, they’re able to reach an ever-growing audience of potential customers. Thanks to SEO, Wayne Bryant Heating & Cooling has surpassed their original goal and is now seeing continuous growth in their customer base. 



201 business profile interactions in 6 months
159 website clicks from Google
42 calls from google my business