Finding New Employees

Rushin Plumbing Satisfied After Receiving Hiring 1 New Employee To Conquer Their Workload

Rushin Plumbing is an high performance plumbing company in Clayton, NC specializing in every plumbing need you can imagine. Rushin Plumbing serves thousands of residents living in Raleigh, Garner, and the surrounding Triangle areas. The company fully insured and dependable when you need them the most!


During 2021, Rushin Plumbing business spiked and his team had more than they could handle. When a company gets overloaded with work, its necessary for them to get more skilled employees to do the job efficiently. Especially, in the plumbing industry.

Rick and his team tried everything he could to get new employees to handle the work load. Some of his activities included: Facebook Post, Word of Mouth, Flyers, etc.). These strategies didn’t help with gaining new employees, and Rick made a decision to start turning away new clients until his team could bring in new employees and manage the workload.

In 2022, Rick and Dre connected at BNI Clayton and discussed his challenges with bringing on new employees.


Once Dre started telling Rick about the different strategies he could implement online to gain more employees, Rick was amazed. Rick had no idea he could use Google Ads, Linkedin, and other sources to get more employees in the door. After Dre shared some brief employee insights, Rick immediately told Dre to send over a proposal to get started. Once Rick signed on, Dre met with his team to put together a powerful marketing strategy that would draw qualified candidates in immediately.


Dre jumped on a call with Rick the following week and they begin to discuss the details about the type of candidates Rushin Plumbing needed such as the title, job description, salary and more. Rick requested an experienced plumber with new construction and a plumbing assistant. After all the information was collected, DBA Marketing Pros begin to execute the strategy online and Rick receive more than 10 qualified candidates in the first month. Now, the ball was in Rick’s hands on the decision-making process to choose his next hire.

Since partnering with, Rushin Plumbing received 1 qualified employees and as a result, they have seen an increase in work productivity and satisfied customers. Rushin Plumbing is now fully equipped and ready to take on more business. 


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