360 Transformation for African American Cultural Festival Landing Page


The website landing page project we completed for the African American Cultural Festival, hosted at aacf.org, was a significant undertaking aimed at not only showcasing the festival’s vibrant celebration of African American arts and culture but also driving donations to support the event.

The landing page served as a comprehensive hub of information about the AACF, including its story, purpose, chapters, and more. It also provided details on how to get involved through volunteering opportunities and donations. The easy-to-navigate menu ensured that visitors could quickly find the information they were looking for.

The design of the landing page was visually appealing and culturally representative, incorporating vibrant colors and engaging imagery that reflected the spirit and energy of the festival. The positive feedback from both the board members and NC residents attests to the success of the project in capturing the essence of the AACF and promoting community support.

Overall, the landing page project for the African American Cultural Festival at aacf.org was a resounding success, effectively showcasing the festival and all the fun activities.